News on the RB App Checker Lite front. Version 1.0 (179) is out; check the product page for release notes.

The previously published version was 1.0 (171) – note I’m just incrementing the build number for now, this is mostly for keeping this version in sync with the one submitted to the Mac App Store.

Speaking of the MAS, my first submission was finally rejected for a bug with Services registration (after 7 days “Waiting for Review”, which is not too bad). So I’ll be resubmitting tonight, with that bug hopefully solved, and several new others fixed and new features added.

The most interesting new feature is checking for embedded provisioning profiles.  iOS apps will always have one, but you normally won’t see such a thing in a Mac application. However, both .xcarchives and apps “built for archiving” will have an embedded profile (unless you’re signing with your Developer ID).

Feedback welcome!

Update I: ehrm, make that version 1.0 (181). Only the icon has changed; Apple objected to my using the “generic application” icon as part of my own.

Update II: yes, the new icon is just a stopgap, will be redoing the details in the next build.