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Back, Busy

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Time flies. Our 4-week trip to the US Southwest’s parks has been over for almost 2 weeks already. The trip itself was marvelous; one of the best in recent years, even though we had to skip a few parks – it was just too tiring. At least we now have a shorter list of places to revisit in the future. We then rested for a week in Denver and nearby Boulder, which are wonderful places, too. All in all we drove about 5000km (3000 miles). Here’s my updated map of visited US states:

In other news, I’ve been busy fighting off jet lag, catching up, and taking care of various private issues. If all goes well, coding (and therefore, progress on my applications) should resume this weekend. Don’t go away…

Back again…

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…and you probably hadn’t realized I was away. Well, we spent 10 days away in Chile (more precisely, the Atacama Desert) and Bolivia (Salar de Uyuni). Here’s our updated world map (61 countries):

Briefly, it was tiring and cold but the landscapes were worth it.

Now back to the old drawing board; a bug-fix update to RB App Checker Lite should be out tomorrow, I hope. Stay tuned.


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Back from our 2-month trip – Valparaíso to Sydney. There’s a 13-hour jet lag to get rid of, so for now, here’s just our updated world map:

A full status update will be posted soon.

Re: Developments

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Occurs to me that it’s been some time since I updated my world map of visited countries, so here’s the latest:

52 countries visited, still lots of places to fill in! icon_smile.gif

Travel updates

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Oops. I just realized I forgot to update my travel maps. Here’s the current world map (44 countries visited):

and here’s zooming in on Europe (28 countries visited):

New pictures posted…

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I just posted several new pictures to my Flickr page, and will continue to post at least 8 or 12 a day. With encouragement from a few pro photographer friends, I’ve actively looked for interesting angles during the last trip, and it seems to have worked well.

Also, here’s my updated World66 status:

Re: Ciao Italia

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While I get my pictures organized, here’s my current World66 travel status:

and for Europe:

Hm, gotta do something about those blank blobs… icon_smile.gif

It’s been some time since I updated my travel status; so here it is, courtesy of World66:

and the detail map for Europe:

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