If you’re using Quay, please check out the release notes and install this new version as soon as possible.

Note that older versions of Quay will break on Mountain Lion, giving you a persistent error message. Sorry about that, but the installation should be painless. Quay is now signed with my Developer ID for Gatekeeper compliance. And with RB App Checker Lite this is easy to verify. 😉

That said, I’m hard at work to get new stuff out in time for Mountain Lion (rumors say that will be sometime between July 19 and 31). Details are still fluid but I’ll post them here as soon as I get the basic functions working reliably.

My main concern is keeping my promise of upgrading paid users of Quay and XRay to the new stuff. This is unfortunately impossible with the Mac App Store, but not all utilities will be there, so i still think it’s going to work out.

Update: while this runs fine on 10.8 in my tests here, it may not behave well on the new Retina display (remember this was originally coded for 10.5!). I’ll try to do some tests tomorrow.

Update 2: OK, tests show it’s not Retina-compatible, so I’ve uploaded a new build with the “Open in Low Resolution” option checked. My apologies for the oversight. It’s not at all clear – looking at the source – how I could make it compatible both with high-resolution and 10.6.8 on short notice. And it’s still a 32-bit application, too.

Summing up: Quay is getting elderly and this update is, really, only for current users who like it. Don’t expect it to be updated again. But, as I said above, cool new stuff will soon be out. Suggestions welcome!