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Wolf Rentzsch says, Perhaps Time Away from the Computer Would be a Good Thing:

…Alarm goes off. Groggy. “Hmm, what time is it?” Look to the upper-right of the screen. 7:30 am. Wake up a little more. Realize I’m in bed. Realize there was no screen. Realize I’m sitting at the computer, working, even in my freakin’ dreams

Hey, I often dream I’m online but the connection keeps dropping, and the screen is so blurry I can’t find out why. Hmm…

Rainer Brockerhoff wrote:

…and I’ll have to do something about these trackback spammers ASAP; I wonder why they suddenly came out of the woodwork again.

Seems I finally found a way to block trackback spam, whew. Referrer spam still goes on, but as I don’t publish referrer links, it’s innocuous – except for driving up my bandwidth stats a little.

A third type of spam is people registering and pointing at porn/gambling sites with their homepage link, but I’m blocking them now by not showing that link for new users, and not allowing it to be filled out on registration. So if you’re a legitimate new user and have a legitimate homepage to show, please e-mail me.

Intel debugging

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WWDC was a great opportunity to talk to friends in the flesh and to make contact with Apple people, all of whom were extremely patient and polite.

One of the very last talks I had was with a senior ADC Labs manager (sorry, the name isn’t in my cache just now), who assured me that a couple of months down the road Intel machines will be available at the ADC Compatibility Labs for debugging.

I have just received an e-mail from ADC Labs stating that their equipment is also available for remote debugging over either ssh or Timbuktu, at no charge to Select or Premier developers. So I’ll just have to watch for the new machines to pop up on the equipment list and presto; no need to spring for the Transition Kit.

Marco Andrei at Macnarama just published a short interview with me (in Portuguese) about the Mac Intel story. Thanks, Marco!

Posted by Rafael Fischmann:
I want my iMac G5!! Hasn´t arrived yet!!

icon_evil.gif icon_evil.gif icon_evil.gif

Back all in one piece, including the new iMac G5. More later…

…and I’ll have to do something about these trackback spammers ASAP; I wonder why they suddenly came out of the woodwork again.

Posted by keoladonaghy:
“The soul of the Mac is the CPU”.

If I’m not mistaken the official name of the operating system used to be, and perhaps still is, simply “Macintosh.” The OS is the soul of the user experience, not the hardware, IMHO. As long as Apple continues to assure the quality of the user experience and the hardware, I don’t care what chip drives the thing.

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