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RBSplitView 1.1.3 has just been published.

Also, Michael Dupuis has more insightful comments about Brent’s writings, which are multiplying faster than I can get a handle on. Marvelous.

I was going to rave again about Brent Simmons’ excellent GUI posts, but Dan Wood beat me to it. (And managed to plug RBSplitView in the same paragraph!) Thanks!

Meanwhile, only one serious bug remains before I release 1.1.3…

I’ll be off to WWDC next Thursday, so the countdown has begun. I’m starting to make a pile of stuff to pack, double-checking reservations, getting my passport and spare dollar bills out from the proper archaeological layers on my desk, and setting up my trusty old iBook (600Mhz) for the trip.

A surprising number of people have expressed interest in getting together with me; I have more dinner invitations than evenings! A far cry from most of my previous WWDCs, when I knew almost no one, and worse, no one knew me. The last one I went to, in 2000, already was better, when I met several people I already knew from either MacHack or from the WASTE development list, the only place I was active at the time.

So far my schedule looks like this. I arrive at SFO International at 09:28 on Friday, June 3rd. I’ll be staying for 3 days at the San Francisco South Airport Travelodge; inexpensive, conveniently located near the airport and near a BART station, and with free WiFi in the rooms. The phone# is (650)697-7373.

Sunday afternoon I’ll be at the Moscone Center to do my early check-in, to avoid the crowds on Monday. On previous occasions they had a special get-together for international attendees; let’s see if they do it this time.

Monday at 10:00 is the SteveNote, and I’ll be checking into the The Mosser just a few blocks from Moscone. The phone there is (415)986-4400; I hear they have Internet access, but it’s paid separately. I should have access at the conference anyway, so that won’t be a problem.

Monday from 12:00 to 14:00 I’ll be at the MacSB list’s meetup, I think no definite place is set yet. In the evening, starting around 19:00, I’ll be at the Weblogger’s Dinner. As Monday June 6th is also my birthday (I’m turning 0x36) a good time should be guaranteed!

I’ll update this later with info on the other days. I’ll continue at the Mosser until the morning of the 11th, when I’ll probably be switching back to the Travelodge until I leave at 13:55 on the 13th.

If you, gentle reader, want to arrange a meeting, please e-mail me (click the e-mail button below this post) or watch for me on AIM ( More as it happens!

Brent Simmons of NetNewsWire fame wrote about Apple’s inconsistent use of split views. I posted some comments there.

Ongoing stuff

No comments

In a little over a week I’ll be off to WWDC, so I’ve been busy preparing.

First of all, I’m trying to tame the intricacies of applying WebKit to a purpose not really intended by its designers. The idea is to use it in XRay 2.0 for displaying file info and contents in a more flexible manner. Also, if all goes well, I might take a shot at starting work on an interim XRay 1.2 release in order to learn more about showing Tiger metadata. I want to have at least the broad outlines of both releases working so I can ask people about details.

It’s been hard to disengage a little from my work on RBSplitView, though. The current 1.1.2 version seems to be working well for most people; a few feature requests have come in and I’m slowly working them into a 1.1.3 version, which hopefully will be ready for publication after WWDC.

Brad Miller wrote:

The ADA would be nice. Hopefully what actually happens is that they give you a fat check and replace the piece of #@!%$ that is NSSplitView. icon_biggrin.gif icon_biggrin.gif icon_biggrin.gif

Indeed! One can only hope…

Update: Just FYI, Brad (with help from Andreas Monitzer) was runner-up for the ADA last year, for PulpFiction, in the “Best Use of Mac OS X Technology” category.

Posted by Brad Miller:
The ADA would be nice. Hopefully what actually happens is that they give you a fat check and replace the piece of #@!%$ that is NSSplitView. icon_biggrin.gif icon_biggrin.gif icon_biggrin.gif

Well, this time it looks like it’s done. All known bugs are gone. I think all weird splitview behaviors in Apple’s applications can now be easily duplicated.

I also added the MIT License, in order to have an OSI-approved license for it. And I’ve entered it into the Apple Design Awards, too. The “Best Use of Open Source” category seemed the best fit, although I’m not using but creating open source here… still, let’s see what happens.

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