In a little over a week I’ll be off to WWDC, so I’ve been busy preparing.

First of all, I’m trying to tame the intricacies of applying WebKit to a purpose not really intended by its designers. The idea is to use it in XRay 2.0 for displaying file info and contents in a more flexible manner. Also, if all goes well, I might take a shot at starting work on an interim XRay 1.2 release in order to learn more about showing Tiger metadata. I want to have at least the broad outlines of both releases working so I can ask people about details.

It’s been hard to disengage a little from my work on RBSplitView, though. The current 1.1.2 version seems to be working well for most people; a few feature requests have come in and I’m slowly working them into a 1.1.3 version, which hopefully will be ready for publication after WWDC.