RB App Checker Lite is now functionally complete and I decided to simultaneously publish the 1.0 version here – it’s free – and on the Mac App Store. In the “About Box” the version appears as 1.0 (171).

If you already have one of the public betas somewhere on your hard drive, better remove it before unzipping this version – otherwise the Services Manager may become confused about the correct version to run.

One interesting new feature is that you now can run RB App Checker Lite on Xcode archives (.xcarchive bundles). This will also work for iOS archives, by the way.

I’m still working on more and better documentation and perhaps some sample screenshots on the product page. I suppose I also should add a new support forum.

Regarding the Mac App Store version, before actual review there still seems to be some problem regarding developer profiles and certificates — somewhat ironical for this specific application! Still, this being my first submission to any of the App Stores, it’s to be expected. Stay tuned for news.