As predictable, interest in Quay has flagged a little with the release of 10.5.2. To quote one comment:

…pointless… since 10.5.2 brings back the functionality.

Well, in a certain way, true; to the extent that, once Apple shipped TextEdit, it’s pointless to use other text editors; it’s free and edits text, right?

Well, not really. I’ve changed the Quay product page to explain:

So why should you use Quay at all? Extra information, more flexibility. For one, the Dock’s popups are limited to about 500 items; Quay’s limit is in the tens of thousands. You can have a Quay popup on both sides of the Dock; Apple has them only on the document size.

And some comparative screenshots (this one is for “Sort by Kind”, 10.5.2’s popup is on the right):

Let’s hope this makes my point.