Mac OS X 10.5.2 (9C31) came out yesterday and I’m running it now. Seems they declared it stable enough to release… icon_wink.gif

So I’m declaring 1.1b2 stable enough to release too. I’m just checking if everything’s still working and updating the documentation; expect a release later today.

If you’ve installed 10.5.2, you’ll see an extra menu item in Quay’s general preference popup (option-command-click on the Dock divider stripe), to make Quay act only on Stacks set to “List” view. Some other 10.5.2-only goodies will show up in the next (and hopefully, final) 1.1.

I’ve gotten a serious amount of feedback on this beta. Thanks to all of you who sent in bug reports and suggestions. It’s the first shareware I’ve written for a larger audience and I couldn’t have foreseen all those various operating conditions without this sort of feedback.