While looking up some stuff about the recently-introduced Mac mini, it struck me that the Apple displays’ feet appear to be just a little bit smaller than the mini itself.

So why not just place the display directly on top of the mini, for an even smaller footprint? Well, Walter Mossberg says:

You can’t place anything on top of the mini or the DVD drive could jam.

But perhaps some enterprising accessory maker might machine a small aluminum plate that on the bottom fits exactly over the mini, and on the top has the proper grooves to accomodate the display foot?

From the pictures, the 30″ display has a larger foot, while the two smaller models have roughly the same size, but a blank (or perhaps slightly corrugated) upper surface might fit all. The bottom would have to be slightly arched or recessed in order to distribute all the weight onto the sides of the mini, leaving the DVD drive unstressed.