Last Saturday I was fiddling around with software delivery options – in particular, BitTorrent – and learning a little bash and Python in the process.

Although the tests were mostly successful, I still need some more time make the system fail-safe. In the meantime, yesterday evening I noticed that I hadn’t gotten any e-mail – even spam! – over the whole day; an extremely unusual event, since my daily average varies between 50 and 200 e-mails, and would be much more had I not early learned to subscribe to mailing lists in digest mode.

To make a long story short, my tests had conflicted with some other tests I’d conducted earlier in the month, and space on my trusty provider had expanded beyond the now-too-small limit I had set previously and promptly forgotten about. The duty neuron has been adequately chastised.

Therefore, if you sent me e-mail between Jan. 16 and 18, and it bounced back with “maildir delivery failed: error writing message: Disk quota exceeded”, kindly send it again? My apologies.

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