After some very tense days, I’m up and running on the new hosting provider: DreamHost. Prices are good, support seems to be fast and quite good, and there’s lots of options. More if you buy before year’s end; if you do so, be sure to mention my domain name as the referrer, or click through from the link above; I’ll get a modest commission.

The Santy worm, now apparently renamed Spyki, is still pounding the servers in ever-new combinations. Still, the security hole remains closed and I have added some new stuff to avoid having the server respond to the worm, which should ease the load quite a bit. If you have seen the site responding very slowly or even not at all during the last two days, it was a hardware problem and should be fixed by now.

Some other things are still shaking out but everything should return to normal on January 1st. In particular, Bill Bumgarner has tested RBSplitView and made some interesting suggestions; so have several other developers. It seems I should put up a new “source code” page with that and other goodies, so that will be my first priority.