Rainer Brockerhoff wrote:

… In particular, Bill Bumgarner has tested RBSplitView and made some interesting suggestions; so have several other developers. It seems I should put up a new “source code” page with that and other goodies, so that will be my first priority.

While I’m working on the source code page, Erik Barzeski of Freshly Squeezed Software wrote on his NSLog() that they’ll be using RBSplitView in their new version of PulpFiction:

Total time to convert from our hacked up NSSplitView (which can be collapsed, stores sizes, has minimum sizes before collapsing, etc.) to RBSplitView and to add the feature I just mentioned: about ten hours. Coded, bug fixed, and tested.

Now that’s the sort of thing I like to read… icon_biggrin.gif

Also, Steve Gehrman, the mastermind behind CocoaTech, will be using RBSplitView in the forthcoming version of Path Finder. My thanks to all who’ve helped with suggestions and debugging!

Meanwhile, I’ve belatedly noticed that my last post below was #1000, and that this weblog’s second anniversary has passed unnoticed on last Sept. 21st. Not bad…