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…in “Doonesbury”.

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Die, evil pop-ups!

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The Joy of Tech, one of my favorite online cartoons, blasts pop-up ads.

I agree that pop-ups and pop-unders are evil and should be abolished. Most modern browsers have options to suppress them; MSIE is the notable exception. The capability to open new windows, resize or move existing windows, or alter the window layering should be eliminated from JavaScript altogether; I can’t think of a single justifiable example. MSIE compounds its sins by blocking all activity – even quitting or clicking on the close button – until a pop-up has finished loading all its noisome payload.

Update: Illiad‘s UserFriendly expresses my sentiments very well…

Online comics

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When I was four-and-a-half, I learned to read with a stack of German issues of Mickey Mouse.

Ever since, I’ve been a comics fan; I’ve got a fair number of collections by Bill Watterson, Berke Breathed, Goscinny&Uderzo, Quino, Ziraldo, and others.

Here are some on-line comics I check most every day:


Kevin & Kell

PVP Online

User Friendly

Foxtrot (beware popups icon_evil.gif)

Doonesbury (beware popups icon_evil.gif)

and weekly or so:

Joy of Tech

The 5th Wave (beware popups icon_evil.gif)

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