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Making marmalade

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This “doceira” (sweetmaker) is making marmalade (or at least they call it that) from marmelo fruit. The large copper bowl in front is used for making cheese and several types of sweets.

A relatively large part of the local population is descended from slaves; although they were officially freed in 1889, the new order often took decades to reach the interior. This old lady says both her parents had been slaves.


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This 25cm lizard is very hard to notice against the speckled stones, until it moves.


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The little clumps on the leaf contain insect larvae.


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This is a typical landscape of the Jequitinhonha region. Layered stone hills with dryland vegetation in the cracks, and rich topsoil with wetland vegetation and larger trees in the valleys.


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These kids had just sung and danced at a local folklore show… very amateurish stuff, but interesting. The adults are still doing a last number in the background.

Painted hut

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This little hut, in the same town, was recently painted (perhaps repainted?). No idea why, or what it’s used for.

Update: apparently it’s the town’s telephone central.

A typical house and street in São Gonçalo do Rio das Pedras; note the heavy street cobbles. These streets were built about 200 years ago, and the city was a station for the mule trains which brought supplies into the interior and brought back gold and diamonds from the local mines.

Amusingly, the street sign on the house reads “Rua Nova” (New Street).

A typical example of local architecture. Low ceilings, small windows. No exact horizontals, verticals, perendiculars, flat walls, and so forth icon_biggrin.gif.

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