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Painted hut

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This little hut, in the same town, was recently painted (perhaps repainted?). No idea why, or what it’s used for.

Update: apparently it’s the town’s telephone central.

A typical house and street in São Gonçalo do Rio das Pedras; note the heavy street cobbles. These streets were built about 200 years ago, and the city was a station for the mule trains which brought supplies into the interior and brought back gold and diamonds from the local mines.

Amusingly, the street sign on the house reads “Rua Nova” (New Street).

A typical example of local architecture. Low ceilings, small windows. No exact horizontals, verticals, perendiculars, flat walls, and so forth icon_biggrin.gif.

More fungi

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Three different types of fungi in one shot!


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This was on the road to the (very small) town of Capivari, near the “Pico do Itambé”, a local peak which is around 2000m above sealevel.

Waterfall, part II

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Shot from the same place as the preceding photo, I just turned to the left.


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You can see the wooden bridge in the background.

Devil’s Ear

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This type of fungus is popularly called “Devil’s Ear” and grows on tree stumps.

Notice a much smaller, less colorful specimen at the lower left of the photo…

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