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How to ruin…

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Things are still extremely busy around here, but this too juicy to pass up.

Benjamin J. Stein has written a great article called “How to Ruin American Enterprise”.

I agree with him that the US is well along most of the steps he describes, but things will become even worse, as other nations are also foolishly copying it.


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Sorry for the lapse in posting, but I’ve been completely snowed under with urgent work.

Just to keep the ball rolling, here’s an excellent article about the cargo cult phenomenon and its manifestations in management culture.

In fact,the whole Coolth site looks extremely interesting and I’ll return to it as soon as possible for a detailed look. The author, John FitzGerald, graciously granted permission to translate that particular article into Portuguese… look for it here in a couple of weeks or so.

On blogging

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Denise Howell’s excellent Bag and Baggage has great coverage of the Revenge of the Blog conference, including Mickey Kaus’ talk about the future of blogging.

Here’s another summary, this one from LawMeme.

Following links from these sites, I stumbled upon bIPlog. Highly recommended!

Publiquei todos os episódios arquivados do Zé Megabyte. Havia mais um ou dois mas infelizmente estão perdidos… se alguém tiver, por favor me mande!

Update: os episódios agora estão na ordem certa (não invertida). Desculpem a falha…

Linux Geek Cruise

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The ever-interesting Doc Searls reports on the recently concluded Linux Geek Cruise. His Linus Torvalds notes are fascinating…

…and here is a statement from Linus himself. This is what open source is all about.


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Bill Amend has a new take on Halloween at Foxtrot.

Comecei a repostar em tópico separado as aventuras de Zé Megabyte, uma história em quadrinhos que publiquei na década de 80.

…in “Doonesbury”.

More here up to here. icon_biggrin.gif

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