RB App Checker Lite 1.0.1 (187) has just gone live on the Mac App Store, and the corresponding Developer ID-signed build (186) is now available for direct download.

In the last month, almost exactly 1000 copies have been downloaded from the Mac App Store, and about 300 copies have been downloaded directly from my site. Not bad; the download curve shows the usual decaying exponential shape, but it is decaying much more slowly than I thought it would. And this with no marketing except for Twitter and a single press release.

Since both versions are free, I suppose that the main reason for users preferring the MAS version is the ease of updating; the direct-download version doesn’t have automatic updating, nor is it cost-effective to have it now. The popular Sparkle framework is over double the size of the entire application, and does much more than I need. When a non-MAS RB Utility comes out, it will have automatic updating, and that will automatically appear in all direct-download RB Utilities; a benefit of using a common app framework.

Update: here’s a common use scenario for RB App Checker Lite: an automatic updater starts and requests your administrator password. Is this safe? Easy to check:

  • Command-click on the updater’s icon in the Dock; this will show the updater’s icon in the Finder;
  • Right-click on this icon and select the “RB App Checker Lite ” service;
  • RB App Checker Lite’s results should tell you if the updater can be trusted or not. Be especially wary of unsigned or self-signed updaters that ask for your admin password, unless you’re really sure!