Yes, that was a rather busy period – months without posting, and I haven’t been online much, except for checking email now and then and fighting spam (would you believe 3579 spam comments since I activated Akismet? Highly recommended).

Things have settled down a little and I now have consistent broadband again. To make a long story short, our new apartment (not the one that was new September last year!), which should have been ready Real Soon™ after our return from Texas in July, has been much delayed. The builder ran into serious snags, both technical and bureaucratic. We’ve mostly moved in, though unofficially, and all my time is being spent with unpacking, fixing stuff, installing shelves and lighting, and general setting up. All in all, we spent about 6 months in various hotels.

In about a month everything should be done, and the garage and other public parts of the building should also be ready for less adventurous tenants to move in.

In the meantime, very little has happened on the development front – I haven’t even been able to stay current with the mailing lists. If all goes well, that will change soon…