richardl wrote:

Rainer, it is interesting to note that Adobe built their ActionScript/Flash compiler for iPhone on top of LLVM.

Thanks, I wasn’t aware of that. However, I don’t think that this invalidates my original argument, which is more based on Clang than on LLVM. Christopher Lloyd also remarked on this:

…Yet Adobe uses llvm for the compiled Flash, so they don’t like Adobe’s parser? silly.

Also thanks to Daveed Vandevoorde, who remarked that the LLVM bytecode isn’t as platform-independent as I thought – things like sizes of variables and ABIs (Application Binary Interfaces) stand in the way. Still, it’s not impossible to see Apple defining a generic target platform, in terms of sizes of pointers, integers and so forth, and a specific endianness and runtime ABI, and then staying within the bytecode for that.