Whew, there were even more tons of stuff to do than I’d thought; sorry about that.

To make a long story short, we moved out of our old apartment before the trip and moved in to the new one when we came back. I’ve almost caught up with buying furniture, wiring, plumbing, installing lighting fixtures, bathroom accessories, kitchen shelves and so forth; the main thing still in the queue are wall-to-wall bookshelves in my home office, and they’re a priority as all my books are lying about in boxes.

Also, I sold my main working Mac (a 20″ iMac Intel) before the trip, confident that I’d be able to immediately buy a new one on my return; unfortunately, the new 27″ iMacs have been delayed in Brazil and I now expect my pre-ordered i5 model to be delivered a few days before Christmas. In the meantime, the MacBook Air is somewhat overloaded with stuff, and much juggling will be necessary before I can again use it for coding… still, I hope to get going again this weekend.