An hours-long outage somewhere inside my ISP made me re-evaluate the idea about a reachability transition callback. It seems to be reliable enough when the local network is involved, but when the clogged pipe is several routers away, it can go down – and never go up again.

So what I’m doing now is, while the network is down, retry with a direct reachability test every half hour or so; of course if the callback says it’s back up, I tear that timer down again. Seems to work OK.

Several interim builds of Klicko went up in the meantime, implementing this and other small changes. The latest one is now in testing; build 1.1 (201) will implement full keyboard accessibility and VoiceOver support. At least in the preferences panel part; the background process is still mouse-oriented, and I don’t foresee disabled people needing any of the Klicko functions. Still, it’s good practice since nearly all of the Klicko panel code will be re-used in the upcoming rewrite of Quay, and there it will certainly be useful.