And the first bug is fixed: you had to click twice in Exposé in some cases. So I pushed out 1.1 (181). This also has, again, the French localization, thanks to Ronald Leroux for rewriting it on short notice.
I think I’ll continue doing small, immediate bug fixes just by incrementing the build number, instead of doing lots of dot-dot versions like 1.1.2c15. The downside is that these small updates won’t get press releases or special mention on the version tracking sites; for now, I’ll just post a “developer note” on those when possible.
Currently the user has to check for updates by opening System Preferences, going to the “Installation” tab, and clicking on “Check for Updates”. I do get the impression that relatively few users do so regularly, or when they run into a bug. Maybe I should, after all, implement regular automatic version checking? I dislike such automatic processes myself, but I’ll look into doing it less obtrusively.