I decided to rev the version number, not just the build number, for this release.

The main reason is that now we have a slight difference (and a UI difference) on first run. Klicko needs “access for assistive devices” turned on in the System Preference, and complains if that’s not the case. However, now you have two options:

1- turn “access for assistive devices” on, and click “Continue”

2- click “Authorize” and enter your administrator password.

In the latter case – and this will work only if you installed Klicko inside the main /Applications folder – Klicko will set itself to run in a privileged group that can use the Accessibility API without that option.

Beyond small internal optimizations, the other notable feature in 1.0.1 is that you can change the icon, if you don’t like it. Just make or copy your own icon, paste onto Klicko’s icon in the Finder’s “Get Info” panel, and there it is – you can do this even while Klicko is running! If your icon has a 16×16-pixel version, that one will be used in the menu bar.

Of course, if you have an icon for Klicko that’s better than the default one, send it in! It shouldn’t be too hard to do… icon_wink.gif