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Re: Off we go.

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Arrived well in Lisbon, Portugal, and already did some tourism. Hotel Internet access is a little unstable though. More anon…

Off we go.

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We’re packing for an extended trip to Europe. As usual, this will be a working vacation – I’m taking my MacBook Air along and hope to get some things done underway.

From coming Sunday, May 18, to May 26 we’ll be in Portugal – not only Lisboa but the interior as well. May 26 to June 15 we’ll be in Germany, visiting friends and relatives; it’s a long list but hopefully we’ll have time for everybody. June 15 to 27 we’ll be on a bus roundtrip to Poland, starting out from Berlin. June 28 to July 20 we’ll be on a cruise ship, visiting Norway and Iceland, with short stops at Northern Scotland and some of the Baltic capitals.

I’ll have very limited Internet access during the cruise but otherwise I hope to be able check email and post news and pictures almost daily.

I just fixed some errors in the French localization of Quay. English-language users need not re-download.

In such a case it’s not really justified to change the version or even the build number, so I just did a silent update of the disk image…

Quay 1.1 is out.

There are very few bugs left, but lots of feature requests. I’ll start work on 1.2 almost immediately, and have great plans for it. Please post suggestions on the support forum, or e-mail me.

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