Some incremental improvements and a bugfix to the FolderSweep source code. Check it out if you’re using it. Also available from Matt Gemmell‘s svn server if you prefer that.

In other news, I had a couple more requests for handling “Smart Folders” in Quay. I’d looked briefly at the option before – I don’t use them myself – and had pushed it off to the next version. This time, however, curiosity made me look up how I might implement them if I had time to do so – and less than 2 hours later I had them working in the upcoming 1.1! Wouldn’t have been possible without Cocoa, of course.

Regarding 1.1, I’ve been stuck at the “just one more bug” stage for over a week. Meanwhile several smaller bugs were solved, the French localization (courtesy of Ronald Leroux) is finally finished and revised, and I really truly hope to release 1.1 over this weekend. Stay tuned.