Based on a question from Matt Legend Gemmell, we seized the occasion to write some source code to quickly sweep over a given folder and subfolders, getting file attributes and even contents where necessary. See details on my source code page.

This is based on some code I had handy in Quay, generalized for easy adoption. As usually happens with these side tracks, it also helped me find a couple of bugs in my original code, and I learned some new tricks.

Work on Quay itself is still going on, and I’m very near the 1.1b4 release, or perhaps I should call it 1.1fc1. I had some delay because of problems with my main development machine – the trusty iMac G5, now getting long in the tooth – since its occasional habit of turning off spontaneously suddenly got way too frequent.

Fortunately Jim Correia, a fellow developer, pointed me at an Apple note about this very problem, and it seems my machine is covered under the repair program. If all goes well I’ll have a new power supply next week, and that should solve it. Thanks Jim!