uliwitness wrote:

Oh, BTW, also found your review of the FireWire power specs interesting. I was hoping someone with better electrical skills than me would eventually post the fundamental maths involved to prove/disprove the “No FireWire cuz it needs too much juice” theory that’s been bandied about.

The post was already too long, so I didn’t mention the possibility of using the Sony 4-pin FireWire connector, which doesn’t supply any power; it’s also much smaller, getting around some of the space argument too.

Still, it’d be a hassle needing an external power supply for those small portable FW drives; most of them don’t come with one. Also I’m not sure whether Apple would have to pay Sony for that.

As I also said previously, each extra USB connector would also need more space and power, though less (2.5W) than FireWire.