Just after I posted here a week ago disaster struck, by way of a pulled muscle in my lower back – courtesy of 4.5 hours in a non-reclining airplane seat.

While nothing irreversible seems to have happened, during this week I was unable to stand, sit, lie down, work, sleep and so forth for longer than a few minutes; too few to count as useful for any given activity. The pain is finally starting to recede and hopefully will allow some work over the weekend.

I have quite a lot of preliminary work and testing done on Quay 1.1. I can’t give any details yet, of course, but the changes purported to be in Mac OS X 10.5.2 will, at the same time, make things easier in some areas and harder in others.

During the week I’ve also had time to think about installation and deployment, and decided on a new approach to those. Not surprisingly it will need Yet Another Complete Recode™. Still, I’m confident that it’ll be a better user experience. Details over the weekend (I hope).