Grubered! (thanks, John… that explains the sudden traffic peak.)

Small addendum. The complexity of the whole updating process also explains two things; first, that some non-modified iPhones are also affected, and second, that Apple, busy with debugging Leopard which should come out this month, didn’t want to invest additional resources into reverse-engineering and QAing every hack that’s out there.

Regarding non-modified iPhones being affected – I hear from some quarters that the quantity of those are comparable to “bricked” hacked phones. If true, one more indication that a modern version of that famous saying should be “never ascribe to malice or incompetence that which can be explained by complexity”… icon_wink.gif

Update: forgot to thank Michael Tsai who linked here first.

Update#2: another interesting take on the subject of software complexity is Scott Rosenberg’s Dreaming in Code, which I’ve just ordered.