It’s over and reactions have been coming in from everywhere. Many people were, to put it mildly, disappointed. So how did I do?

Hardware: I said “not likely but hoped-for”. No hardware announcement, and the stock fell about $4 as soon as this became apparent – the webstore was down, but apparently just for a general style makeover.

“OS X” SDK and consolidation: nothing, so no hardware development kit either. This is actually what I’m most disappointed about. No mention of OS X at all, as far as I could make out.

Leopard beta release on the ADC site: Steve said it’d be for attendees only but very few people heard exactly what he said. I still hope it’ll be out next week.

Apps included: little was mentioned, some changes are on the website now.

New Finder and desktop: well, not new, but a facelift. At least I got that one right, but it was very predictable.

ZFS: not mentioned. Blame Jonathan Schwartz.

Virtualization: none. I really hoped they’d have switching between Leopard and Boot Camp in the same way that Fast User Switching works. Instead, it seems they took the easy way out. You can set Mac OS X to “safe sleep”, boot into Windows, set that to “hibernate”, then switch back and forth without rebooting either. I wonder how long that takes – 10 to 15 seconds would be quite acceptable, I think.

.mac: it still lives, and the “back to your Mac” feature looks interesting. No Google, though.

So, even though I didn’t get many things right, it’s not too bad either. Let’s wait and see what trickles out from the real (read: developer) part of the conference. That said, the new Finder and UI stuff doesn’t look too shabby, and I’m still positive that on the developer side this is a very significant release. More as it happens…