Well, here are some questions I’ve been asked frequently at the conference, and the answers. (Some will no doubt be asked afterwards too, so I’ve included those too…)

Q: Why is my application not included on the RBSplitView adopters page?

A: Probably you didn’t send me e-mail about it, or my spam filter didn’t like it. So tell me again.

Q: I’ve been looking for you at the conference and didn’t find you!

A: I’m mostly around the labs. Look for me there, or in the intervals. I’m wearing a white XRay t-shirt and carrying a blue backpack.

Q: Where did you get that XRay t-shirt?

A: I had several made at CafePress just in time for the conference.

Q: Why isn’t Apple using RBSplitView? NSSplitView sucks.

A: Well, this time I actually talked to people in charge of that process (and of NSSplitView itself); they’ve agreed that it could be better and also agreed to take a look, no promises. So start bugging them instead of me. icon_wink.gif

Q: When is the next version of RBSplitView coming out, and what will be new?

A: Hopefully a few weeks after I get home. I’ve already fixed some bugs and extended some functionality. In particular, if you push a divider towards a direction where there are subviews already collapsed or at minimum dimension they’ll be pushed away. Also, RBSplitView will now behave correctly when inside a NSScrollView, and I’ve already used this to build a Finder-like filebrowser (columns mode). Finally, the new version will be Xcode 2.4-compliant and Universal out of the box, errh, download.

Q: Will RBSplitView run on Leopard?

A: Well, I’ll certainly have to do a completely new version implementing all the new stuff – 64 bits, palette for the new Interface Builder, Objective-C 2.0, NSAnimation, other stuff I can’t talk about. Meanwhile, the upcoming version will probably be the last one for Tiger. RBSplitView apps compiled for Tiger seem to run OK under Leopard as far as I could test.

Q: Will you/Apple sue Apple/you? Did they pay you big bucks? Will Apple/you change the XRay/Xray name?

A: No, no, no, and no. See my last post.

Q: When is XRay II coming out?

A: Well, my hope was to show a public beta perhaps a month after the conference. What I’ve seen at the conference has changed my mind about a number of things, made others obsolete, some impossible, some much easier than I anticipated. Still, I’ll have something visible out ASAP.

Q: What changed in Objective-C/Finder/Xcode/iChat/Mail/…/Leopard???

A: Not much, only Steve knows, nothing yet, a lot, didn’t see that, can’t tell. Guess which…