Posted by gracion:
AppleScript – good! Yes, I’ve used SuiteModeler for a couple of projects and it’s invaluable.

How about a “Save changes as AppleScript” command? After setting a creator, permissions, etc in one file, this would create an AppleScript that is ready to use on a batch. You’d have to track the changes of course (maybe as part of your undo module), but this might be very useful.

For example, Stone Software’s terrific Create page layout software has this kind of command – You can actualy save a document as an AppleScript. I think that’s more useful (and easier to implement) than recordability.

The other thing that’s important is to have a good object model – it takes some study to grok this area of script support, but think of the extra endorphin kick from learning all that icon_smile.gif

Yes, AppleScript can be very frustrating to write in. It’s really not one language, it’s N languages, where N = the number of AppleScriptable apps you use. I pretty much have to find sample code to get terms and syntax (especially coersions) right.