Posted by Nando:

Rainer Brockerhoff wrote:

But I said “it’s funny” because, of course, most of these hackers assume that everybody at Apple is clueless and retarded, which is definitely wrong. icon_wink.gif

That could be the start of a fairly amazing story on creating an “un-hackeable” system. Microsoft hasn’t done it so far after so many atempts, and Apple has never needed a protection system like that until now. What amazes me is not how fast the hackers are working their way inside this, but how slow Apple is responding to all of this.

I’ve read on MacBidoule that they received a very aggressive letter by Apple asking the site owners to remove links and comments on the videos and texts that described methods of hacking the Tiger x86 Developer Preview. The timing was perfect. It was enough for the hackers to get their copies and methods right, and also the exact amount of time a company needs to build a base of arguments to require the removal of any illegal content from their sites.

This leaves Apple at a very ambiguous position, it is hadr to tell if they have let it all happen, or if it just slipped between their fingers. icon_cool.gif