Whew! I finally succeeded in downloading and installing 8A428, the “Golden Master” build of Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4). So far everything works great. And AAPL also closed up at $37.24… I’m happy.

I was just looking at my user’s version stats – that is, the versions recorded when XRay and Zingg! check for updates – and I’m amazed. Tiger came out officially on April 29th, yet April closed with a 10% adoption rate! And for May so far, late on May 6th, 52% of my users are already running Tiger!

For the record, 4% are still on Jaguar, 35% on 10.3.9, and 9% on other Panther versions. I thought adoption rates would be high, but this is beyond all expectations. It quite confirms my decision to make XRay 2.0 Tiger-only.

Also, RBSplitView 1.1.1 is in final testing and should be out tonight or tomorrow. I’m just polishing the docs right now, so look for it later…