You may have noticed some dozen trackback spam entries here, on various topics, over the last week. Had a merry time deleting them all, as doing consecutive deletes uncovered a bug in my post-deleting patches… I’m still undecided on whether I should spend time on fixing the bug or on perfecting the workaround I found. In any event, if you’re the unmentionable who’s doing this, your links won’t work, as they were all being tagged with rel=”nofollow” anyway. Which I implemented as soon as it came out. So you might as well give up.

On a similar note, attacks from Santy and its descendant worms are decreasing daily, since Google now seems to be actively blocking its searches. So that’s one less thing to worry about, I hope.

Meanwhile, the Creation Robot has posted a list of The Top 100 Mac OS X Applications and Nudge is on it. Thanks! Now… why aren’t my other apps on it…? icon_wink.gif

Work on RBSplitView is proceeding well; besides implementing several suggestions from users, I hope to finally have animated collapse/expand in place. So far the method of collapsing a subview has had to be changed completely; formerly I was moving a collapsed subview off screen, keeping it at its original size; now I’m keeping it in place, collapsed to a zero dimension, and jiggling other stuff around to keep it from squishing its own subviews out of shape. Once that is done, animating various intermediate stages should be easy. I think.

Hm, there’s more meta stuff. My Technorati tags now finally seem to be working; I overlooked that they have to be implemented in the RSS feed also, and have to look “just so”. A very interesting experiment. They’re also producing RSS feeds for tag updates, which should make tags very useful once adoption spreads.

Speaking of RSS feeds, my subscription list (on the left) has been updated once again. My stats show that only a third of you are reading this weblog over RSS; I wonder why, since other bloggers report much higher ratios, some as high as 90%. I’ve been asked why I don’t have a Atom feed; now that the final spec seems to be well on its way, I’ll do it as soon as I find some spare time.