jason wrote:

Just discovered your new-and-improved split view. VERY COOL!

Thanks for sharing it with the community.

Thanks, feedback so far has been very positive.

jason wrote:

I was wondering if might have some pointers on modifying the framework to incorporate rearranging the subviews via drag-and-drop. This is cool feature of Eclipse and seems to a natural enhancement to your objects.

How much effort do you think this would take?

Very interesting suggestion, I hadn’t thought of that – I’m not a Eclipse user.

The user interface would need some place where you can “grab” a subview to drag it over; the rearrangement itself shouldn’t be difficult. Offhand I can’t think of an unobtrusive way to do that, however. If the subviews had title bars – like the columns in NSTableViews – it might be possible. Hm…