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Following your way of thinking, we might suggest neilio and others that, if they want to make money for travelling, they should NOT:

– have children;

– buy Macs, PCs are also computers and way cheaper;

– go to the movies so often, once in a month is alright;

– buy expensive cars, anyone cheap that will take you wherever you want is fine;

– talk on the phone more than 30 minutes a month;

To my surprise and endless amazement, I found that having a child has actually made me save money. This happens because I no longer have any time at all to spend on any of the money pits of my previous life – movies, shopping, travel, and so on. The cost of diapers is negligible compared to these, though I understand that this might change once she goes to school…

Well, there it is – Rainer WAS right. His advice for not having children so as to enable one to take two or three trips a year has been evidenced …. besides, you might even HAVE the money saved by having them but you would not have TIME to travel (unless you want to tote them around with you just like any other small baggage item icon_eek.gif )