Posted by Rafael Fischmann:

Rainer Brockerhoff wrote:

Wow, a philosophical discussion while I’m trying to finish packing… 😆

Rafael Fischmann wrote:

Rainer Brockerhoff wrote:

– Don’t have children. If you do, teach them all those things, and kick them out at 18.

…Well, you might be right if you want to say that it’s easier to get rich if you don’t have children. I have no doubt it’s the most expensive “good” you’ll ever “buy”.

But I also think people can get richer not by increasing the number of dollars in their bank account, but from the inside, mentally, physically, socialogically ? you know what I mean.

Well, the original question was “how to make enough money to travel a lot”, so I naturally said it’s easier to do so if you don’t spend money on children. Which are extremely expensive.

Nothing per se against people who have children – none of us would be here otherwise. But I also think that very few people are competent to have any. I certainly am not; it’s a black art which my own parents, who are otherwise very competent people, were unable to transmit to me.

Following your way of thinking, we might suggest neilio and others that, if they want to make money for travelling, they should NOT:

– have children;

– buy Macs, PCs are also computers and way cheaper;

– go to the movies so often, once in a month is alright;

– buy expensive cars, anyone cheap that will take you wherever you want is fine;

– talk on the phone more than 30 minutes a month;

– have air conditioning in their houses;

– and so it goes.

Just admit that item wasn’t very well put in your list. If people could follow all the other advices (or maybe half of them, would be fine), they can get rich enough to travel to any place in the world.