Posted by Rainer Brockerhoff (away):
Now at public library in Cardiff (Wales).

For our second day in Glasgow, the weather was improved and we saw more of the city, driving about by bus. The Glasgow bus system is rather opaque, there are nearly 30 bus companies and there’s no central directory or coordinated bus map, nor a way to get definite information as to which bus to take from a certain point to another. As a result we got lost a few times. Even the natives seem to have trouble; when asking one we often were told “Ah, it’s just a ten-minute walk!”.

Anyway, we liked Glasgow very much, the wide, somewhat hilly streets in the centre reminded me of San Francisco around Van Ness avenue. There’s no shortage of historical buildings, museums, shops, and so forth.

Still, yesterday in the morning we went off early and jumped on a southbound train, arriving in Cardiff around 9PM, and are now safely ensconced in a Travelodge hotel near the station. An hour-long evening walk around the city centre immediately convinced us to stay on for at least another day; there are dozens of attractions within walking distance from the hotel and the natives are friendly.

More tomorrow, I hope. Stay tuned…