Posted by Rainer Brockerhoff (away):
I’m at an Internet in Helsinki (Finland). Rates are 6 Euros/hour, but I booked for only 15 minutes, so this will be brief.

Yesterday we were in Stockholm (Sweden), a very beautiful city with lots of interesting sights. We spent a few hours inside the Vasa Museum, where a huge ship, which was to become the flagship of the Swedish Navy, sank a few hundred meters into its maiden voyage in 1628.

Today we’ve already walked around a few hours inside Helsinki, also an interesting city, although nearly all buildings are comparatively recent, having been rebuilt after a citywide fire in the 19th century.

Tomorrow and the day after that we’ll be two days in St. Petersburg, where we booked two tours. Then comes a day at sea and two days in CopenHagen (Denmark), where hopefully I’ll be able to post again.