There’s a comprehensive list of iPod stuff over at the iPodlounge. Quite a lot of items; some are good for a chuckle, such as the ProClip, which is described as “small, neat, and descreat”. 🙂

After nearly a year with my 40GB iPod I’m quite satisfied. I have ripped most of my CDs onto it, and I’m now starting on my extensive old collection of vinyl records, most of which haven’t been reissued on CDs, unfortunately.

There are some small issues, though. To my surprise, battery life isn’t one of them. My normal usage pattern may not be typical in that regard; I leave the dock and power supply connected to my home sound system, and leave the iPod charging most of the time. When I leave home I hook the iPod onto my belt and in the car I connect it with a short cable to a $35 car stereo I bought solely for that purpose. Sound quality isn’t great but then a car isn’t a noise-free environment either. Anyway, I rarely let the battery discharge entirely and so far have noticed no capacity decrease.

Unfortunately, the standard belt case for the iPod is bulky and cumbersome. Except for jogging, where you can place it in the back, the thing is heavy and keeps snagging on things… I can see the rationale for getting a mini, now. So I hit upon the trick of placing it into a pocket (without the case), which also conveniently removes it from sight for added security. However, last month I noticed that the cable insulation broke at the point where it comes out of the remote control plug. So, with some regret, I’ve started using the case again, after winding the break with some stiff tape to keep it from getting worse…

I suppose if the cable came out of the plug at a 90-degree angle, as it does on the Engineered Audio Remote, this wouldn’t have happened. Alternatively, someone should make a special slim “pocket case” with a curved duct to prevent strain on the cable. I wonder how much Apple’s design of the remote control is tied to American-style clothing.