I should have known better than returning to Theodore Gray‘s site when I had other things to do. This is a huge time sink; be careful!

Gray is co-founder of Wolfram Research, best known as the makers of Mathematica. He is the author of several books and is well-known for his amazing Periodic Table Table, for which he won the 2002 IgNobel Prize in Chemistry. As an old-time fan of the periodic table of elements, I was enchanted with the photos and stories about each element. I carried a small periodic table in my pocket all through secondary school and had it pretty well memorized at one time; before discovering computers I even considered working in chemistry.

There are movies and even sound samples, as well as interesting stories such as this visit from Oliver Sacks, one of my favorite authors. Highly recommended; make sure you’re prepared to stay glued to your computer for several hours.