The folks at the fascinating Language Log pointed out a Circolwyrde Wordhord (Old English Computer Glossary):

This glossary, which complements several printed sources of its kind, is intended for Anglo-Saxonists and other speakers of English for whom the language of the computer world has become alien and largely incomprehensible.

We learn, for instance, that a white-hat hacker is a searocræftiga, while a malicious hacker can be a feondsceaða, atorwyrht or even an inwitgæst. No doubt this will be very useful for any scholar who regularly sits at a weorcstede (workstation), exchanges hrædærendgewrit (e-mail), or needs to look at some oftgeacsunge (FAQ) on the woruldwidewebb. Not to speak of cneomæglicgifhordonweald (relational database management) problems, of course. Hm.