OK, we’re back from Gramado. Photos came out quite well, I’ll post a few during the week. Nearly 1000 e-mails had piled up, over half of which seem to be spam. Surprise! 😆

While I work my way through urgent items, learn all about Fainting Goats. Really.

…With a Fainting goat in the herd if coyotes or dogs

threatened the sheep, the sheep could run away while the Fainting goat fell over, providing the predator with an easy meal while the sheep escaped.

…The name “Fainting” goat is a bit misleading because they do not actually faint. They have a genetic problem with relaxing

muscles. When they are startled or surprised their muscles lock up and the goat then sometimes falls over.

Update: Oops. Forgot to thank Ben Hammersley for the link.