In the midst of a traumatic move, The Dowbrigade waxes rhapsodically about his iBook:

…Meanwhile, we are amazed at the capacity of this little machine to find, acquire and store the essence of what passes for “culture” in the Dowbrigade’s world. After thinking about this we have concluded that it would be theoretically possible to recreate almost all of Western civilization exclusively from the contents of a single 60 gig hard drive…

Meanwhile it is scary the degree to which my worldview and emotional well-being are becoming dependent on this five-pound slab of plastic, metal and silicon. Over the next three months it will be our companion, our post office, our library, our TV, our newsstand, our juke box, our confidant, our journal, our game chest, our worthy opponent in games and puzzles, our cookbook, our darkroom, our calculator, our telephone, our scrapbook, our window on the world and our lifeline to our past. It seems a miracle that one object can fill so many roles and desires. Our preciouuusss.