Positive feedback on Nudge is mounting. There’ve been over 3000 downloads so far in 3 days, beating XRay‘s 2800 and Zingg!‘s 2000+ downloads over the whole month!

c.k. over at 3650 and a 12-inch links to Nudge and suggests:

Apple should send him a rather large donation for providing a solution to one of their major Finder bugs…

Not that I would mind… 😆

I’m sure that the Apple folks are working hard at this. However, from the rumor sites, it seems they’re stretched rather thin at the moment, working on Mac OS X 10.3.3. Also, Nudge is more of a stop-gap solution; I certainly wouldn’t want it made permanent.

The links and referrals stemming from John Gruber’s article are becoming too numerous to list. This shows, once again, how word of mouth is important for Mac developers. I also found a flattering side-effect at Ryan Wilcox’s h4ck3r+=boi:

Brent Simmons has created a Mac Software Business mailing list on Yahoo Groups.

The description: “This group is for small, independent Macintosh developers who want to talk with other developers about the business of Mac development. Questions on pricing, packaging, advertising, e-commerce providers, and so on are on-topic. Note that this list isn’t a vehicle for promotion: announcements and press releases are off-topic.”

The members of the group include some heavy hitters in the Mac Software industry, in addition to Brent: Rainer Brockerhoff, Michael Tsai, along with a cast of additional others.

Brent’s mailing list seems to have great potential; if you’re a shareware/indieware developer, I recommend it highly.