Posted by jerryT:
LOL. No problem. It’s been great fun seeing how difficult it is to “get connected.”

Got a couple of emails from them. I was sent to a page, username recognized, and instructed to change password. Did so. Tried to login. No go. Tried the link in other email (which also gave me my username). This time it said no such username existed. LOL

Personally I think the hotshots at Google, in conjunction with the brightest lawyers of the world, have come up with a great new product: Tortureware. icon_rolleyes.gif

If and when I ever gain access I’m hopeful I can trash my account and/or make a quick cancellation and exit. It has, however, been fun. I especially like the little game of identifying the letters in the box and trying to then type them in. It’s really quite a challenge and I heartily recommend an Apple Studio Display. LOL