Yesterday, January 24, the Mac turned 20.

Chris Hanson shows how the price point is the same. Rather than just repost his table, here’s mostly the same info with increases added:

In 1984 In 2004 Increase
Macintosh 128 Power Macintosh G5 A lot!
8 MHz 68000 2 GHz PowerPC 970 (two) 512x
128KB RAM 512MB RAM 4096x
400KB floppy 700MB CDRW/4.3GB DVD 1792x
No hard disk 160GB hard disk infinite
9-inch black and white display (512×342 pixels) 17-inch LCD color display (1280×1024 pixels) 7.48x
21.375K screen RAM, shared 64MB screen RAM, dedicated/td> 3066x
230.4Kbps LocalTalk 1Gbps Ethernet 4551x
One mouse button (it’s all you need) One mouse button (it’s all you need) 1x
$2495 (1984 dollars) $2533 (1984 dollars) 1.015x

Meanwhile, Andy Hertzfeld and the rest of the original Mac gang are collaborating to write the definite, unsurpassable Mac Folklore website. Not to be missed by any Mac fan! It even has a RSS feed ! (Thanks to “Daring Fireball” John Gruber for the link.)