Winding down from the strains of pushing out a new version, and from the nerve-jangling effects of a late-night wedding party with 130 dB-plus music, I stumbled upon a Digital IQ Test pointed out by the stalwart J-Walk Blog. It turns out that:

You are a digital ace, expert in both practice and theory, and you take full advantage of digital tools. Some might call you a nerd

Wow. You don’t say… really? 😆

Actually, I thought my score was too low because there were several PDA-related questions and I don’t have a PDA (actually, I do have one of the first Palm Pilots around somewhere, but it’s broken) and because some of the questions are somewhat Windows-centric. 43% of test-takers scored in the 110+ category; surprisingly, 14% ranked below 50 (“Are you sure you’re really interested in the digital world?”). It beats me how someone with so low a digital IQ would stumble upon this test – much less being able to click all the way through it.

Also, clicking mindlessly on reply #1 for all 62 questions elicits a score of 175, which shows that the questions weren’t properly designed.